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Logging in with another identity provider

Nantes Métropole provides the Nantes Métropole account for access to a range of authenticated services.
To simplify the procedure you can now connect with other identity providers:

  • - Log in with France connect: to use one of the providers of the administrative sphere

You will then no longer need the username/password of the Nantes Métropole account.
Nantes Métropole then entrusts the provision of access to services to the other identity provider.

Precautions and warnings

The Nantes Métropole account can provide access to many services that affect you and your personal data.
This is data that you have created or enabled using the services protected by the Nantes Métropole account:

  • - Your profiles (Vos profils (nantes & co, Plum, E-procedures / E-démarches, ticketing)
  • - Your bills (E-procedures / E-démarches)
  • - Your credentials (E-procedures / E-démarches)
  • - Your early childhood centre, extracurricular, water contracts (E-procedures / E-démarches)
  • - Your swimming pool card points balance (E-procedures / E-démarches)
  • - Etc.

You must ensure the security of access to your data by protecting your account.
This also applies if using a different identity provider.
There are several levels of identity providers, but to date all the City's services may be accessed via all identity providers.

Can I reverse this?

France Connect simply allow you to connect without having to enter your Nantes Métropole account username and password.
You will still have a Nantes Métropole account to access services, identified through an email address.
You can unlink your Nantes Métropole from one of these providers at any time and request a new password.

What does France Connect provide specifically?

France Connect is a national system that simplifies access to e-government services.
It allows you to connect to Nantes Métropole services through an extensive catalogue of ISPs.
But France Connect goes further, allowing you to simplify procedures by searching for and giving you control of the practical information that will be requested.
If an online service can be completed more easily with France Connect, the log in button will be displayed.